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Schools and colleges have always been serious centers of learning according to the perspective of teachers, management, and parents. Look at the other perspective of the coin the students the view is different. Some students are serious about studies but most of them are in the mood of having fun with friends.

Let’s understand the laws of science

1. opposites attract.

2. force and resistance.

Using the above laws today we will understand the logic of students, parents, and teachers.

Before that let’s understand the statistics of student -teachers.

India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in FY19. Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education reached 26.3 percent in FY19. However, the teacher-student ratio to be strictly maintained according to the accreditation bodies. The practical picture is quite different. The standard fixes on to 30:1. ie, 30 students to 1 teacher.

Let us try to understand the Teachers load . each college wants teachers to handle 3 to 4 hours per day totaling to 18 to 24 hours per week. The workload of teachers varies as per the management standards.

Each Teacher has to put in a lot of preparations to stand for an hour before a class. It’s like to prepare a bucket to deliver a mug.

Apart from academic pressures, there are 3 External pressures that govern the teachers, curriculum changes, staff shortages, and growing class sizes, teachers are still expected to deliver results.

For attaining the coveted standards of teaching , we need good teachers who do not work as mere professionals, but with passion, as all professionals sprout  from good teaching and learning.Einstein said ,’ It is the supreme art of teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. A teacher should inculcate among pupils , the dual art of ucation for living and educating for making a living.

A teacher should make his or her classroom as attractive as a playground, where students love to rush, not missing any class or day. The teacher who injects in a mallealble mind a  perennial excitement, a sense of curiosity, zest for research; where young minds shall come to apprehend life and all its aspects with exhilaration, tempered by curiosity and wonder.

Now let’s understand with a perspective of students, its seen students want attention. Now let’s categorize them.

1.Students who are fast learners easily get the teacher’s attention.

2. Students who are obedient and completes teacher’s tasks are most likely to get into teacher’s hearts.

3. Students who are good listeners too catch the teacher’s attention.

4. Students who are not interested in the class, but want the teacher’s attention, try tricks to win class attention, by various ways which create noise.

Now let’s apply the laws of science serial number 4 students to uplift them.

  1. Pick a good student and pair with such students as a part of EASY LEARN. Just see the results. The opposites attract.
  2. The more force teachers and parents apply to uplift, the student may resist. As force and resistance are inversely propositional.

Hence devising student-friendly techniques have yielded positive results.

Understanding the above logic if the teacher can understand that its a mixed class with fast and slow learners. The teachers can divide her attention between all 4 types of students with a heart on no. 4 types of students, wonders happens.Trust me magic happens .