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Worry is a waste of imagination


Life sees a new norm, I have spent 23 years of potential life in job carving a niche to my biodata, adding milestones to the organizations. Today when it has come to a standstill, I find myself in a place wherein my kids have grown up and are in fact matured. Where did I lose the 23 years …in hibernation? Losing the charm, innocent smiles, unlimited tantrums of kids, all captured in my cerebrum and few in-camera. Those moments make me relive, permanently trapping the nostalgia in my blogs.

Today what is productivity? , is it the money or time or health? Such things often crossed my mind.

Daily chores adjustment was my new schedule, consisting of daily chores followed by job hunting. Days used to be sometimes high sometimes low. Drawing to be inspired looked dense.

T V News channels were racing for TRP on the scoreboard of Corona cases. The analysis report only pushes one into a downcast.

Evening Walk

Amidst this, evening walk was inducted to me forcing me away from my den by my fitness freak hubby. The walking lane ware guarded by large trees of Gliricidia sepium with pink blossoms, yellow-flowered peltophorum, Ashoka trees, Millingtonia, Pongamia, and Cassia trees to name a few.

The trees welcomed the walkers with their different colored flowers consequently marking a welcome display. The sweet cooing of the Koel from the trees urged me to spot the bird, suns golden yellow rays brightening up my view. The dense growth of the trees and well-kept lane ushered in the discipline.

Truly a spectacular tree of Gulmohar was in full bloom with its large, flat spectacular canopy. The tree bursts into bloom in summer and was transformed into a mass of scarlet. The trees add color to the city in bloom.

The scenic glory consequently lifted my drooping spirits, despite nagging sadness.  A new awakening bringing in jubilation. Amid the troubles, we draw energy from nature, however, nature seems to have a futile effect of mishaps yet stands still. It welcomes the walkers with a red carpet of flowers.

The moment brings in sparks of positivity in the cracks of doom. The red petals of Gulmohar, the majestic Ashoka, beautiful blossoms of Raintree, the shy pink cassia, and yellow copper pods brought in smiles. This reminded me of a message “Be like a tree, stay strong, connect with your roots, and turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break”. In the words, Gavin let “Rain grows flower not thunder”.

Rain and the lesson

 Suddenly it started raining the tree unwaveringly soaked the drops only to enrich life. I hurried home with a new me, the red petals of Gulmohar fell in leaving me awestruck with what I was pondering on,

“Worry is the misuse of imagination.”

 As rain showered over me, the droplets of water dripped from my hair, washing away the sadness.